Crazy Political Prediction – 2016 Campaigns

I am not so sure that Hillary Clinton will be the Presidential nominee for the Democrats. Now that Donald Trump has clinched the nomination on the Republican side all eyes are on him. But, what if powers behind the scenes are just waiting to kick Clinton out of the race by using the FBI investigation into the use of her private email server when she was the Secretary of State? Is that the reason it is dragging out?

Could they be waiting for the right moment to cut her off at the knees, swoop in and place someone like Elizabeth Warren in the slot, and then cut off Donald Trump at the knees when this move catches his campaign completely off guard?

I am thinking that they may take Hillary out with an indictment and place Warren in at the convention. This would give Trump and the GOP very little prep time against the Democrats in the general election and the resources used against Clinton all summer would be wasted.

This is just a possible scenario, but one worth watching.

Meet Your New Supreme Court Justice

President Obama has chosen Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court. My earlier prediction is playing out. He will be confirmed before the election in November.

Mark my words.

President Obama introduces Merrick Garland

President Obama introduces Merrick Garland.

WASHINGTON — President Obama on Wednesday nominated Merrick B. Garland to be the nation’s 113th Supreme Court justice, choosing a centrist appellate judge who could reshape the court for a generation and become the face of a bitter election-year confirmation struggle.


Mitt Romney’s Speech Against Donald Trump

Mitt Romney gives a speech today attacking Donald Trump as a GOP Presidential nominee and he starts by quoting Warren Buffett who referred to the current generation of Americans as a “crop” as if the peasants are some sort of livestock. Spoken like a true Globalist.

Disclaimer: I am not a Trump supporter

Supreme Court Nomination

I firmly believe that President Obama will fill (not just make a nomination) the vacancy on the Supreme Court before the election in November. We are already seeing cracks in the Senate GOP’s resolve regarding confirmation hearings.

There are two ways that he could do it.

1. He will nominate a person and steamroll the Senate into a confirmation. The media attack will be relentless against the Senate Republicans. They will cave in.

2. He will make a recess appointment in the next couple of weeks. He will say that this vacancy is too important to wait. I am hearing the current Attorney General as a candidate. That would be smart considering she has already been through the Senate confirmation process. Obama can just shrug his shoulders and say “you already confirmed her!”

Keep an eye on this…

President Obama’s Third Term

I see many people wringing their hands about President Obama staying in office past his second term. They are claiming that he will create a crisis, use that event as an excuse to declare Martial Law, and suspend the general election. Well, people said the same thing about President Bush and it did not happen. I don’t believe that will be the case, but I have a thought of another possibility. Not only will Obama not seek a third term, he may leave office early.

The office of United Nations Secretary general will change hands this year (2016). I believe this may be an opportunity too good for President Obama to pass up and the timing is perfect. I believe the possibility is very high that he will seek this office and may become the next U.N. Secretary General. The U.N. election will take place after the general election here in the United States, so it is possible that Obama could leave office before the next President is sworn in. However, I will admit that the probability of that is relatively low.

I first made this prediction on Facebook back on September 10, 2015. Since then others have made a similar prediction. Time will tell if it happens.

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